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Fascinating tuning method by polymath Robert Edward Grant. The sound is a new level of perfection.

Follow this link to hear it, it's amazing!!! I use these tracks in my sound healing as well as for my personal meditation. It immediately gets me in the zone, so beautiful!

The work of genius polymath @robertedwardgrant Precise Temperament Tuning in 432.081hz

A New Geometrical Perspective of Musical Chords (Perfect 5th, Major 3rd, 4th, and 7th, as well as 2nd, and 6th Chords are inherent geometrical relationships; all in JUST Tuning). All Major and Minor Chords/Keys are represented in this structure (the Keys not listed above appear on the other side of the structure). I believe this may be what Pythagoras encrypted over 2,000 years ago. Honored to have the opportunity to bring it back into the world at this time. Equally amazing that the Cuboctahedron and Flower of Life yields this beautiful pattern as well. This structure even informs which transitions between keys are easily accomplished musically. #precisetemperamenttuning

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