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Corporate and Workplace
Sound Bath Experience


Reduce stress, enhance teamwork and workplace culture by holding a sound bath as part of your corporate wellness program. 


Benefits include:

*Stress and anxiety reduction

*Enhanced focus and creativity 

*Helps build connections

*Increased listening and communication

*Cultivates a peaceful environment

Taking Care of Your People

Every workplace has a culture and its own energy.  The new paradigm in business is positive employees equals a fulfilling work environment.  The energy of the workplace affects the entire business; the employees, environment, products, services, and processes.  

Workplace culture is heightened during a team building sound bath experience.  The sound bath musically transforms stagnant energy into positive energies.  Here are a few words used by attendees to describe their experience:

Positive energy,
Deeply relaxing,


Let’s Work Together

Simple Booking Process: 

1. Intake Call: Short conversation about your goals for the sound bath experience for your team.

2. Scheduling: Arrange a time and place, and give information about what to expect.

3. Preparation: I will arrive about 45 minutes early to set up.

4. Sound Bath performance: I will instruct attendees every step of the way.

Tel: 859-797-6545

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  • 1-5 People $150

  • 6-10 People $30/person

  • 11-30 people $400

  • Larger groups which require 2 sound therapists starting at $600

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