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Ancient Egyptian Temple Science of Sound made into a SONG! Wouldn't you like to hear?! I use this in all my sessions!!! #fascinating#biogeometry#siriusodysseycd#soundhealing#soundtherapy#vibrationalscience#robertedwardgrant In the Ancient Egyptian temple science, music was used to enter into resonance with the Divine laws of creation. Sound was an integral part of sacred rituals practiced in earth locations with special subtle energy qualities. These special qualities became the essence of healing and communication with higher dimensions. Dr. Ibrahim Karim, the founder of the science of BioGeometry, discovered, in over 40 years of research, the special universal energetic code of sacred powers spots that is the goal of all spiritual rituals and has become the cornerstone of the science of BioGeometry.

Based on theories of world harmonics BioGeometry principles, the Sirius Odyssey reproduces this resonant connection and brings the natural balancing laws found on the archetypal level of the universe into our daily lives. By bringing our body and environment’s energy system into direct contact with this harmonizing universal energy quality we can reset our energetic blueprint on physical, emotional, and mental levels.

The necessity of this connection to our modern lives has been shown in BioGeometry projects and research worldwide, which uses a design language of shape, colour, sound and motion to reproduce the harmonizing, healing quality of sacred power spots in the environment.

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