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Join Jennifer Kearns, sound therapist, musician and PreK and elementary music teacher of 10 years for 2 weeks of music learning and fun!

Jennifer has a BM and MM in Music and certified in yoga and sound therapy.  Her main passions are music and giving the joy of music in a variety of ways.

Join us for music, movement, yoga, sound baths, songs, rhythmic activities, and instrument performance during this 2 week, three-hour, five-day camp kids ages 4-11!


Your child will learn to navigate through the world of music while having a blast. Children will engage in active listening skills, language development, social awareness, and so much more—all in the context of fun, accessible music and movement that wraps your child in love, joy, and learning!


Singing Classes


Music and Yoga/Sound Bath


Instrument Performance


Music Crafts


Music and Movement


Rhythmic Reading

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