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Sound Baths and Sound Circles


For private group sound bath or drum circle

  • 2-3 People $90

  • 4-5 People $140

  • 6-7 People $200

  • 8-9 People $240

  • 10-11 People $280

  • 11+ Larger groups Contact for details/custom pricing



  • Various rental spaces available or at your business or home


Sound Baths

The purpose of a sound bath is for the facilitator to fill the environment with frequencies and create a wash of healing sound resonance over all the participants using specific sound healing instruments.  Participants begin with light stretching and then proceed to lay relaxed on their mats, fully surrendering to the resonances curated for the mind, body and spirit.  Jennifer uses native beats and drumming, powerfully resonant singing bowls and tuning forks, tongue drums and precise-tuning temperament music based on vibrational science research, carefully curated to send brain waves into a theta state of relaxation.  The intention is to access the subconscious mind and release trapped emotional energy and relieve stress, which creates an environment for healing.

Jennifer's sound baths are intricately woven to create an unforgettable and unique sound experience.  Each sound bath is lovingly customized for your event and needs.

Drum Circles


In Sound Circles, participants choose from a variety of instruments including flutes, drums of varying sizes, singing bowls, shakers, tongue drums and other accessible percussive instruments.  Attendees then perform together, led and facilitated by Jennifer to create an unforgettable musical experience for all.  Sound circles are similar to drum circles but involve more instruments and are more carefully structured to produce a desired performance outcome, which is to create a balance and flow within the sound circle.  Research shows that performing particular rhythms at 111bpm can move practitioners into a theta brain wave state more quickly, which enhances creativity, relaxation and focus. Other research has shown that using instruments tuned to the mathematical 'golden ratio' and Earth's corresponding frequency of 432 hz rather than 440 hz, which was standardized in the 1950's.  Interesting article here.  Using this knowledge, Jennifer leads the group into a theta state and each sound circle session becomes its own memorable magical musical moment.

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Sound Baths & Circles: Classes


“I quickly realized that I’d prefer a sound bath as opposed to a massage. I came out feeling more relaxed, grounded, and refreshed. Jenni is truly, deeply invested in the healing effects of sound. I will continue these healing sessions as a gift to myself.” 


"A sound bath with Jenni is something everyone should experience not just once but as a part of their routine self-care.  Her knowledge, skills and healing will take you to a different place - the exact place you need at that time.  A session with her left me calm, connected to my inner self, and, of course, wanting more!"


"These past couple years have been overwhelming for most of us.  I personally have a hard time slowing down as a working mother of three.  Jenni's sound bath helped me give myself the time I needed to find my center and hone in on exactly what I needed.  She made me very comfortable in my own skin as I melted away into the stillness and the sounds surrounding me."


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